We are Nate And Nick!

(People Just Like You!)

Founders Of Buying Jax Homes

We are two Jacksonville natives who have a passion for helping others and the art of home renovating.

  Nathan Claire

(The Numbers Guy)

“As a real estate agent and full time investor, I am very passionate about buying and selling homes in Jacksonville FL. Living in local Riverside has given me a great glimpse into some of the most historical homes in the Jacksonville area. Seeing these old school, properties get remodeled into a 2020 style inspired me to start my own house flipping business.

Bringing new curb appeal and life to the same neighborhoods I drive by everyday is another reason I stay motivated and work hard to restore properties to their former glory.

I buy houses in Jacksonville FL, and many other places too. Our team either fixes these properties up and sells them on the market or we keep them as rentals in our portfolio. I have dealt with many sellers and situations and it’s truly a joy to assist someone with their home selling dilemma.”

“Everyday I strive to be of better service to my team along with the people I’m able to meet and have the honor of helping again and again.”

“Holding myself accountable and responsible for the ins and outs of this business has been rewarding however, it does come with its own struggles and challenges. To be able to achieve this dream of building a house buying company here in Jacksonville FL has been something that I am very proud of and thankful to be apart of.”

Nicholas Alexis (Mr. Get it Done) 

“Hi, I’m Nicholas! I live in Jacksonville Fl with my beautiful wife, 3 sons, and daughter. I enjoy being outdoors, working out , traveling, and bringing old houses back to life.  Being an entrepreneur for the last decade, I know business and how to meet the needs of people and also making it a win/win situation. I’ve been in real estate since 2018 and I’m passionate about helping people make the best decisions regarding their property.”

What We Can Help With

Our team can help with a variety of real estate problems and situations. If you’re looking to sell your house fast for cash in Jacksonville FL, we are prepared to buy it. We have helped home owners sell their properties due to inheritance, divorce, pre-foreclosure, tiresome repairs, and many other common property burdens.

If our cash offer is what you’re looking for, we will purchase your property on your own timeline, in as fast as 7 days. There are no fees, commissions, or closing costs. The price we offer is NET to you. If for some reason our offer doesn’t fit what you’re looking for, we will make it our duty to refer you to someone that can help. Whatever your reason for selling your home is, Buying Jax Homes is here to provide you with a no hassle stress free service and process.