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The reviews below are 100% authentic, honest, and genuine. These reviews were left by clients of our services and people we have done business with. They can not be and have not been altered. These reviews come from a variety of places such as Yelp, Facebook, the BBB, and Google. They are showcased below to show you what others have to say about us and to assist you in deciding on whether or not Buying Jax Homes is the company for you. Enjoy!




Jerryll Noorden  Jerryll Noorden   

“I have known Nate for over a year now. He is honestly the hardest working person I know by far. Honesty, reliability, integrity is what he is all about. I am not in Jacksonville and I am not someone that needed to sell my house. I am an investor and cash buyer myself. I am extremely picky who I work with and I am sure you are too. That said, I did my due diligence before working with him when I had a home seller reach out to me that needed to sell their house in Jacksonville fast. Since all of us try to provide value to our costumers, even if we do not benefit from the transaction, I referred that client to Nathan. Of course I checked in periodically if my referred client was treated right. Well they couldn’t be happier. So happy in fact they sent me a 3 page email about it and their experience. This is when I decided I needed to keep him close and connect with him on both a business and professional level. If you are wondering who I am, we are the leading and highest ranking home buyers in Connecticut “We Buy Houses In Connecticut”. If you need to sell your house fast in Jax, seriously, whom ever you pick, do yourself a favor and first check him out. You will be glad you did!”

Henry Williams  Henry Williams 

“Great company to work with! From start to finish everything went smooth. I had other offers on the table but Nate came in and truly understood and cared about my situation . Now my NEW life begins in Texas 😃 HIGHLY RECOMMEND ✅”

Maria Le  Maria Le 

“Nate is AWESOME! He’s very professional and a lot of knowledge when it comes to real estate. He was very quick in responding back to when I had any questions. Just when I thought that I really didn’t have any hope of selling my mobile home for the price I was expecting, Nate came through. I hope to be able to do more business with him in the future. Highly recommend Nathan and his company for sure.”

Curtis Watson  Curtis Watson 

“Nathan Made the process of selling a home soooo easy. I recommend his services to everyone whether its selling a home or investing in real estate. Thank you so much for helping me sell that house last minute.”

Nate Morin  Nate Morin 

“Working with Nate and Buying Jax Homes was very easy. He is dedicated from the start. The process was very smooth and easy with Buying Jax Homes as they offered me a price on a property to take it as is. We agreed on a price and the deal was made. You guys are great!”

Sam Edwards  Sam Edwards 

“Selling a home is always stressful, especially when you’re a busy mother of three. I am so grateful to have come across Nathan. He made selling my home easy, fast and smooth. He even helped me find a new home that the whole family will love!”

Deangelo Carracter  Deangelo Carracter  

“Having Buying Jax Homes alongside of me for my first wholesale deal was very helpful and it boosted my confidence and experience.”

Roman Vettraino  Roman Vettraino  

“Was very happy to have been helped by Nathan. Transaction was very smooth and I was extremely satisfied communicating with him throughout the deal. Nate carried himself professionally and followed through with the deal, very reliable business. I can always count on him to be cash ready and I trust him to give me the best offer I can get when I come to him to sell him a property. If I’m in need of a home in Florida in the future or am looking to sell I will always make sure to chose Buying Jax Homes so I know I’m going through someone who is reputable and of course trustworthy. I’d rate my experience with this man 11/10.”

Cathy Smith  Cathy Smith  

“Nathan was a pleasure to work with. Very reliable and trustworthy. Would recommend him to anyone.”

ALKO Investment LLC  ALKO Investment LLC  

“Nice, smooth transaction. About to do more deals with Nate.”

Alexander Subirats    Alexander Subirats  

“Nate and Buying Jax Homes are a serious, driven company that will purchase your house for cash whenever you’re ready to sell it.
100% trusted company.”