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“Buying Jax Homes” is your best friend when looking to sell your home fast for cash. We are serious Jacksonville home buyers. We charge No fees, No commissions, and will buy your home As-Is! NO CLEANING!

We promise to get you the cash offer you deserve for your home, without any gimmicks or catches. We know we can help you, and are prepared to provide you with honest, efficient, and complete service.

“Nate and his team at Buying Jax Homes will work hard for you like they did for us. I would recommend their service to anyone.”
-Ray Evans

How Do I Sell My House Fast In Jacksonville?


“I want to sell my Jacksonville home fast, but it’s a mess. I don’t have the time to clean it, and don’t want to wait around while an agent tries to sell it on the market. I just want the stress behind me and cash in my pocket!”


Many people believe that selling their home through an agent is the only way to get there home sold. NOT TRUE! Buying Jax Homes offers an easy solution to selling your home.

We’re able to give you FAST CASH for your home AS-IS. Simply provide us with some information on your home so you get our highest and best offer, guaranteed.

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“Was very happy to be helped by Nathan, transaction was very smooth and I was extremely satisfied communicating with him throughout the deal.”
-Roman Vettraino.

Selling Your Jacksonville Home Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful!


Here at Buying Jax Homes, we understand how stressful selling a home can be. The majority of the stress comes from WHY you’re selling. Whatever the situation, don’t get discouraged, were here to help you deal with any challenges you are facing, and through our buying process, help you to put the stress behind you and move on with the money you deserve.

Does  your house have damage or need repair, but you can’t afford to fix it?

Is it becoming IMPOSSIBLE to manage your stressful tenants?

Have a vacant house or home you inherited that’s putting weight on your shoulders?

Can’t afford to wait 6-12 months for your home to possibly sell on market?

 Don’t want to deal with a real estate agent who makes you fix up your house and in return charges you a commission?

 Don’t want to deal with cleaning the house top to bottom in hopes that someone will appreciate it.


We Offer The Solution You’re Looking For

We buy houses all over Jacksonville. From brand new to deserted and forgotten, WE WILL BUY IT.  Any situation you are facing, let us be your saving grace to put the challenges behind you.

There is 0 cost to seeing what we have to offer!


Put That Mop Down!

No Need To Clean When You Sell Us Your Home!


Worried about how long it will take to clean YOUR ENTIRE HOME! Don’t worry! We buy houses AS-IS. Take whatever belongings you’d like and we’ll take care of the rest. Junk in the garage, dirty carpets, old furniture, piles of trash sitting outside? We will handle it!

Here at Buying Jax Homes it’s our sworn duty to make the selling process as easy as possible. Nobody wants to clean all that up, so why should you have to?!


We have seen houses of all shapes and sizes. Clean, dirty, large and small. We aren’t here to judge, we simply want to provide you with the easiest solution to selling your home fast.

Realtors often make you clean your home to list it on the market, and then charge you a commission. Here at Buying Jax Homes, we’ll get you the money you deserve, and save you the hassle of having to clean your entire house!

So What Are You Waiting For?

We Offer The Better Solution To Selling Your Jacksonville Home!


Going through the hassle of listing with an agent may feel unfair. Many home sellers end up getting twisted left and right and sit and wonder why their home still hasn’t sold.

Don’t let this happen to you! We offer more money, faster service, and a better experience.
Take the easy route and sell your home to someone who can give you the offer you deserve.


We will make you an AS-IS Cash Offer with 30 minutes of touring your home.

No Costs To You, Our Services Are FREE!
No fees, no costs, no obligation!

No Need To Clean!
Take what you want and leave the rest to us!

Repairs Not Required!
Put that hammer down, we’ll handle the repairs for you!

  No Agents, No Realtors, No Waiting!
We don’t use any realtors or agents, meaning no commissions to pay and no waiting for your home to sell!

Highest And Best Offer
We promise to give you our best offer, as well as try our best to BEAT any current offer you have! 

We Offer Cash For Houses In Jacksonville


We make it simple and easy to sell your house in Jacksonville fast. We buy houses all over Jacksonville in cash from homeowners just like you. We purchase homes from Murray Hill all the way to Mayport.

No matter where in Jacksonville  your home is located. Whether you want to sell your Arlington property or are looking to move out of your home in Orange Park, we will buy it!


The Best Way To Sell Your Jacksonville Home

Buying Jax Homes is your go to company if you’re looking to sell your Jacksonville home fast. We charge no fees, no commissions, and buy as-is, no cleaning. Our offers are cash, and we can close in some cases as fast as 7 days. We pride ourselves in providing honest, efficient, and complete service. We look forward to working with you and purchasing your home at a price you are more than happy with 🙂