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Sell Your House During Divorce In Jacksonville FL

How do I sell my house during divorce in Jacksonville FL?” Many individuals  wonder how exactly to go about selling their Jacksonville home while a divorce is ongoing. A divorce can leave couples with a lot of expenses, emotional distress, and confusion.  This post will help to explain what can happen to a house during divorce and how the process will go if you do in fact decide to sell the property. We will also talk bout selling a divorce house and how we buy divorce houses in Jacksonville FL.

Divorce Decisions

Divorce can be a very emotional and troubling time for married couples especially those who have been married for a long time. All the same, this divorce process involves financial and other difficult decisions before both parties can move on with their lives. The top priority for most is figuring out what happens with the kids if any, and then the house. Often times the divorcing couple will have conflicts over whether to keep or sell the house. In order to get the divorce over with, couples will have to decide what they will do with the property. There are a few options:



Choosing To Keep The House

If one party decides they want to keep the house, there are a two ways to go about accomplishing this. The first would be to have one party make payments on behalf of both parties. This strategy can be risky for the other party however. If the spouse making payments defaults on the loan, the bank will hold both parties responsible. No one wants their credit to get damaged because of the actions of someone else.

Choosing To Sell The House

Selling the house can be beneficial to both parties of a divorce, and in most cases is the easier route to take. If there is equity in the house, the proceeds gained from the sale can be shared and utilized in starting separate lives elsewhere.  Selling the property can also provide due needed closure. Having a shared investment can remain a roadblock in moving on emotionally. Selling the house can be accomplished two ways, each vastly different than the other.


Listing The Property With A Realtor

Once the decision to sell the property is agreed upon, there are a few ways to go about the sale. The first would be listing the property with a realtor. This option will require you to sign an agreement with a realtor for them to market the property on the MLS and other places such as Zillow and Trulia. This selling process often takes anywhere from 30-90 days due to things like financing contingencies, appraisals, and inspections.  Sellers are often required to make repairs/upgrades to the property. Divorcees may elect to choose this route in order to render the highest price for their property. However, due to the emotional stress and costs/fees that come with a divorce, selling the house as-is for fast cash can be a hassle free, easier route to take.



Selling The House To An Investor

If you decide to sell the house to home investors such as Buying Jax Homes, this means that you can sell your property for fast cash in any condition it is currently in. This can save you lots of time, headaches, and money if you are faced with fixing up the property or don’t want to wait 1-3 months for a sale to occur. Investors typically do not involve banks, meaning an appraisal is not necessary.This can be a very convenient and easy way to put the property behind you, put cash in your pocket, and move on with your new life. We buy houses in Jacksonville FL during divorce. If you’re looking to sell your property due to divorce, simply fill in the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours with your FREE no obligation cash offer on your property.

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When dealing with a divorce property, you can choose to either keep or sell the home. Keeping the home comes with it’s own challenges such as mortgage payments and possible foreclosure down the road. Selling the property is the easier route to take but may come with emotional hardship due to sentimental value. When selling the property, you can elect to hire a realtor or simply sell the home as-is to a local house buying like Buying Jax Homes. When dealing with a divorce, it’s important to come to a resolution with your spouse, this way you can move the process along and be done with the stress, high costs, and sporadic emotions that a divorce can bring.

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