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Selling A Storm Damaged House In Jacksonville FL

Are you looking to sell your Jacksonville FL house with storm damage? A storm such as a hurricane can be a catastrophic event in life depending on the severity of the damage. Dealing with finding a new place to live, insurance companies, and the decision of what to do with the house can cause stress and confusion. If you are considering selling your home that has storm damage, it’s best to go over all of your options. We buy storm damaged houses in Jacksonville FL. Here are some tips on selling your house with storm damage in Jacksonville.

Assessing The Damage

Storms and the damages they bring can come in many shapes and sizes. The severity of the damage will determine whether the house can be saved and repaired or will need to be torn down. If the storm caused major damage to the property, often times the home will not be salvageable. However, this is not always the case. If the storm was minor and only caused slight damage, the home can certainly be rehabbed and made new again. It’s important to look around the whole house to see what will need to be fixed and to what extent the storm hit. This assessment will allow you to come up with a fair price for the property a well as give the insurance agency an idea of how much value was lost due to the storm.


Estimating Cost Of Repairs

Repairing a storm damaged home can be one of the most costly home repairs that you’ll come across. A storm can destroy the exterior of a property but it can also destroy interior workings such as the electrical wiring. When evaluating the home repair costs, it is beneficial to get quotes from more than one licensed contractor. These people will be able to give you a price on repairing the property to its former glory. Every home rehabber views storm damage differently so you may end up getting several different quotes on how much a renovation would cost. If the home was insured, the insurance company should cover the costs but they may not payout as much as you thought.

The cost of repairs should determine whether you’ll make the repairs yourself or simply sell the home as-is.


Repairing The Home

The final decision to either repair or sell rests with you, the homeowner. The sentimental value of the home can play a large factor into the choice that you decide to make. Repairing a storm damaged home can come with many challenges, costs, and can be of high risk. It’s important to follow your emotions but also make a logically responsible financial decision. If you do choose to repair the property, the home will take time and cost money to fix depending on the extent of repairs needed. This may be worth the wait if the home is very important to you and the storm was minor.

Repairing the home will allow you to sell the home for top dollar and possibly turn a profit on the costs of repairs you spent to bring the home back to full value. The after repair value of the home will determine whether or not the repairs will be profitable if you do choose to sell the home once complete. It will be beneficial to consult with a realtor to go over how much the home will be worth once it’s been fixed up.


Selling The House As-Is

Selling a house with existing storm damage has challenges, such as having to sell at a low price and finding it hard to get buyers. Many house buyers get scared off when dealing with storm damage due to the risk and costs that come with fixing it. Nevertheless, it may be the best option if repair works are expensive and may take a long time to complete. The sale can either be done by listing with a realtor or directly selling to a home buying company such as Buying Jax Homes. We buy houses with fire damage in Jacksonville FL. If you are looking for an easy way to sell your Jacksonville house with fire damage, simply fill in the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a free all cash offer.

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When dealing with storm damage in your property, there are two routes you can take. The first route would be making repairs to the home yourself and paying the costs associated with this rehab. This will allow you to sell your home for a much greater value than dealing with selling the property with storm damage hindering it. The other route would be to sell the home as-is. This will save you the time, costs, and headaches that storm damage can bring. It will also allow you to sell the house much faster than having to wait for the cleanup to be completed.

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