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Selling A House With Mold In Jacksonville FL

Selling A House With Mold In Jacksonville FL

Does your Jacksonville FL house have mold? No doubt cleaning up mold can be a costly affair. If you are considering selling your home that has mold, it’s best to go over all of your options. Although a majority of mold are harmless, some types can have health implications which could result in bigger problems. Here are some tips on selling your house with mold in Jacksonville FL. We Buy houses with mold in Jacksonville FL. If you’re looking for a way to sell your house with mold in Jacksonville, we are here to offer you that service.



Locating The Mold

Locating Mold In House Jacksonville FL

It’s essential to keep checking up on your property to detect any sign of mold, especially if it is vacant. Black and grey or grey and blue spores on the wall are an indication of mold. It also means your house is not well ventilated. Mold will continue to grow in any moist place it can find. This is why it’s important to address where the mold is and knowing how to remove and prevent further mold from appearing. If, in the process of selling, you notice mold, make full disclosure as this is a legal requirement. Hiring a licensed home inspector to assess your property for mold presence is highly recommended.



Determining The Value Of Your Property

Value Of Property With Mold Jacksonville FLWhen dealing with mold in a house, the value of that property is going to be directly effected. Mold is not appealing to look at, and can also become a health hazard in some instances. Removing mold and fixing any leaks or water damage in the house can cost a lot of money. If a buyer notices mold, they might revoke their offer or negotiate a lower price. Mold in your home could raise the cost of insurance as most home insurance companies will not cover damage from molds. Their level of coverage will also depend on whether the mold is caused by an avoidable leakage, high humidity or flooding. Mold presence can bring the value of your property significantly down.

If you can afford to, it will be a good idea to remove the mold in order to command the highest price for your home.


Mold Elimination 

Eliminate Mold In Jacksonville FL

Getting rid of mold from your house is a two-way process. The first step usually involves eliminating the mold. Since molds are like plants, and they will be killed by the use of a drug solution.The next step involves preventing them from growing. The professionals will apply a protective solution on your walls or in areas where molds are likely to be found. If you have water leaks, they will need to be fixed since molds are likely to be found in moist places. If you suspect mold contamination, then you should act now. Mold tends to spread quickly if not treated immediately.


Selling Your Jacksonville House As-Is

A house with mold will put off many prospective buyers at first instant, and their reason is valid. Mold can be a headache due to the amount of time and money spent to remove it. However you can always just sell the house as-is. You can include this “as-is” provision in the contract, and this will ensure you have no liabilities. Since the home is being sold as-is, the cost of the home will have to reflect this. You are now paying for convenience and the buyer will be taking on added risk. It’s essential to work with a home buying company such as Buying Jax Homes. Most buyers of damaged properties are cash buyers. Mortgage lenders are unlikely lend to buyers buying a property with mold.

We buy houses with mold in Jacksonville FL. If you are looking for an easy way to sell your Jacksonville house with mold, simply fill in the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a free all cash offer.

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When dealing with mold in your property, there are two routes you can take. The first route would be eliminating the mold yourself and paying the costs associated with this cleanup and treatment. This will allow you to sell your home for a much greater value than dealing with selling the property with mold hindering it. The other route would be to sell the home as-is. This will save you the time, costs, and headaches mold removal can bring. It will also allow you to sell the house much faster than having to wait for the cleanup to be completed. However, a significant price drop may be necessary if you choose to sell the property without removing the mold.

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