5 Most-Likely Reasons Your Jacksonville Home Isn’t Selling on the Market

Top Reasons Homes Don't Sell - Improve how your home shows to Buyers

According to Realtor.com, in August 2020, most of the homes stayed on the real estate market for approximately 56 days on an average, right from the listing part to the closing part.

Numerous factors like location, mortgage, home’s condition, price affect how long homes stay on the real estate market.

It takes anywhere around 25-45 days to sell a house, after it has been listed on the real estate market.

And if your Jacksonville home has been taking more than that, then there might be a serious problem with your listing.

Maybe, the potential buyers are finding the price to be way higher.

What if your home isn’t in a good condition?

Numerous factors may contribute towards your house being on the local real estate market for a long-long time.

According to a study, if your home has spent an exceedingly higher number of days on your local real estate market, then it’s considered as a negative quality signal. This may lead to the buyers thinking your home to have flaw(s), which would ultimately result in your home being on the real estate market for like forever.

And the higher number of days your home sits on the market, the more it will lose its value.

This blog post lists down the 5 most likely reason why your Jacksonville home isn’t selling on the market.

5 Reasons Why Your Jacksonville Home
isn’t Selling on the Local Real Estate Market

Here’s a list of the reasons:

  • Too High Price
  • Poor Staging
  • Poor Curb Appeal
  • Bad Quality Listing Photos
  • Unresolved Issues

Too High Price

The first thing your potential homebuyers will look at is the price.

They’d like to stick to their budget. And if you set the price too high, your home may stay on the real estate market for ages.

HomeLight’s Q4 2019 Top Agent Insights Report states that about 50% of the agents believe that setting the price too high is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to selling a home.

So, firstly you should get in touch with your real estate agent or carry out thorough analysis about your local real estate market and understand the conditions and set the price accordingly.

Apart from talking with a real estate agent, listen to feedback you receive from your potential buyers during open houses or showings. Also, you can browse the local property listings.

Poor Staging

67% of the real estate agents state that well-staged homes sell faster and for a much higher price than the ones that are poorly-staged.

So, what you should note here is that you need to allow the buyer to visualize his/her stuff in your home. Don’t invest in furniture. Or décor items.

The potential buyers are interested in purchasing the house, rather than looking at your stuff.

Avoid clutter. Keep your drawers and cupboards clean. Allow potential buyers enough space to visualize their stuff.

Staging can level up or down your selling game. So, make sure that you are doing it right.

Most home sellers don’t focus on the staging part, which is why a huge chunk of them face a hard time getting the price they want for their home or even worse, selling their home.

Poor Curb Appeal

Not just the inside, but I’d advise you to stage the outside of your home -> your backyard, lawn. Also, deal with the peeling off paint.

First impressions matter. And your home’s outside will be the first thing your potential buyers will come across.

Poor curb appeal may turn off your potential buyers, which isn’t a good sign.

Nearly 75% of the real estate agents claim that the homes with good curb appeal sell for 1-10% more than the ones with no landscaping.

So, if you haven’t given curb appeal a thought, maybe that’s the reason why your Jacksonville home isn’t selling.

Low-Quality Listing Photos

What if your listing photos are of a degraded quality?

Before heading over to your home, most potential homebuyers will scroll through the listings on a real estate website. They’d be highly-interested in how your home looks like in reality.

Uploading poor-quality photos will decrease the chances of your potential homebuyers shortlisting your home.

So, if your listing photos are of poor quality, now’s the time to click some new one. You may do it all by yourself or just hire a professional photographer.

Unresolved Issues

Got a leaky pipe? Or maybe your home is too dark without proper lightning?

Maybe, your windows are not clean? Or too much clutter?

If there’s some trouble, it’s important to fix it immediately.

Even the tiniest issues may result in your potential homebuyers sending a low-ball offer or not at-all sending you one.

So, before you go for house showings or open house, I’d advise you to hire an inspection officer, who will share a detailed report with you regarding any or every issue with your house.



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