Selling Your Jacksonville Home for Cash vs. Financing

Real State : Benefits of selling a home for all cash in Houston

Wondering whether accepting an all-cash offer is the right way to sell your Jacksonville home? Or is it the traditional financing tactic that’ll better suit you?

For starters, if you are planning to sell your home, chances are that you may already be aware about the countless hours and a world full of effort you’ll have to put in dealing with the paperwork, staging your house, carrying out repairs and upgrades and so much more.

Maybe, you have prepared yourself for it. But what if I told you that accepting an all-cash offer over financing will vastly unload your burden, resulting in you having to spend lower time in any of the real estate activities involved.

Also, you’d be subject to numerous other benefits including fast closing, reduced stress, lower risk, not having to worry about repairs, etc.

This blog post lists out the top 4 aspects of home-selling and every single point highlights the advantage an all-cash offer holds over the traditional financing.

4 Benefits of Accepting an All-Cash Offer for Your Jacksonville Home vs. Financing

Following are the four points we’ll be discussing:

  • Appraisal
  • Closing Time
  • Risk Involved
  • Stress

Let’s look at each of them one-by-one.


One of the biggest benefits of accepting an all-cash offer is that you won’t have to worry about appraisal. That’s because none is required.

When it comes to the traditional home sales, most buyers work with their preferred mortgage lender. To lower the financial risk involved, the lenders determine whether the home value they are looking forward to financing equals the amount of loan requested.

This can be processed via the appraisal process.

While carrying out this process, if the result is ‘low,’ then the mortgage lender may refuse processing the loan, which ultimately results in the buyer(s) second-thinking his/her decision. Appraisal is one of the major reasons why most home sales fall through.

However, when it comes to accepting an all-cash offer, there’s no mortgage lender involved. No lender, no appraisal process. This will ultimately increase the probability of your home-sale.

Closing Time

Mortgage lending processes take forever. However, in case of all-cash offer, it’s completely the opposite.

All-cash sales take comparatively a lower time. Most home-sales require the mortgage to be underwritten.

And it may end up taking about 60 days or sometimes even more.

Throughout that time period, a lot can happen.

What if the home-buyer faces a financial crisis during that time? In that case, the mortgage lender may refuse to process the loan, resulting in crashed deal.

However, that’s not the same with an all-cash offer.

If a buyer is sending an all-cash offer your way, then you won’t have to worry about lenders refusing to process the loan. This means that there’s a lower probability of the deal crashing.

Risk Involved

All-cash offers, when compared to traditional financing offers are stronger.

Obviously, as a home-seller, you’d be willing to go with the payment method that’s the least risky.

There’s a world full of risk involved with the financing option.

The deal may fall through due to various reasons, including buyer’s financial crisis, lender rejecting the mortgage application, buyer second-thinking his/her decision.

However, the case isn’t the same with all-cash offers.

All-cash offering home-buyers like BuyingJaxHomes, after heading over to your property and briefly analyzing it, will send a reasonable all-cash offer your way.

All you need to do is accept. Once you do, the experts will guide you throughout the entire process and close your sale in the most efficient manner.


Sometimes, your home may end up staying on the real estate market for like forever. There may be numerous reasons behind it, but only if you are willing to accept an all-cash offer, your Jacksonville home will be sold in no-time.

Also, not to mention that you’ll have to worry about cleaning, staging, repairing and upgrading to receive a good price.

In addition to this, you may end up having to hire a reliable real estate agent, which obviously is necessary. And let’s just not forget countless other things in the equation that may just skyrocket your stress-levels.

Experts at BuyingJaxHomes believe that home-selling shouldn’t be stressful at all.

Instead, it should be a piece of cake.

Accepting an all-cash offer will eliminate all the negative factors out-of-the-equation, as you will be receiving a reasonable offer for your home, without you having to worry about cleaning, staging, repairing and upgrading.


Want to sell your Jacksonville home?

Accepting an all-cash offer is the way to go, as you’ll be making the entire process so much easier for you.

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