Selling Your Jacksonville House Via QuitClaim Deed

Selling Your Jacksonville House Via QuitClaim Deed

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Okay, I’ve seen people get confused over this subject over and over again and aren’t able to figure out what actually a quitclaim deed is.

That’s what we will be shining light on here.

Right from the get-go, we will be taking a brief look at what a quick claim deed is and shift our focus towards selling your Jacksonville House via quitclaim deed.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

But before we even begin, it’s essential to know what property deeds are.

What Are Property Deeds?

These days, property deeds are what we use to transfer real estate. Property deeds are nothing but legal, physical documents required to transfer property ownership from one person to another.

Here, the one who’s transferring the property is referred to as “The Grantor,” whereas the one who’s on the other end is “The Grantee.”

The ownership’s nothing but the title of the property.

While the property deeds vary by state, here’s a list of the type of property deeds:

Deed TypeLevel of Buyer ProtectionGrantor Conveys
QuitclaimLowestNo warranties or covenants
Special WarrantyModerateLimited Warranties
General WarrantyHighestSpecific Warranties or covenants

See? The level of buyer protection in the case of General Warranty is the highest, whereas when it comes to quitclaim deeds, it’s the lowest.

But the question is, “Why?”

Let’s have a look at what quitclaim deeds are.

What are QuitClaim Deeds?

Offering the least amount of buyer protection, quitclaim deeds release a person’s interest in a specific property, where the nature of that person’s rights or interests isn’t specifically mentioned. There aren’t any warranties of that person’s rights or interests in the property.

This means that there’s no guarantee or warranty that the person who relinquished his/her claim to the property had any valid ownership when it comes to quitclaim deeds.

Usually, this kind of property transfer occurs in non-sale situations, i.e. between family members or two parties that have immense trust in each other.

After getting married, one of the spouses can add another spouse’s name to the title, whereas in case of divorce, can remove it. Various other situations that involve usage of quitclaim deeds are:

  • After the property owner undergoes a name change after divorce or marriage
  • While transferring ownership to a corporation or LLC
  • While transferring ownership to a trust

Selling your Jacksonville home via quitclaim deed is an inexpensive way of transferring property, and we, at BuyingJaxHomes, won’t let you pay anything out of your pockets.

In the case of quitclaim deeds, properties can be sold after obtaining a warranty deed. To sell via warranty deed, the seller needs to get in touch with a title insurance company for a title search.

To make it even easier for you, we, at BuyingJaxHomes, will be holding your hands until the very end.

Sell Your Jacksonville House via QuitClaim Deed to BuyingJaxHomes

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As we already discussed above, selling your Jacksonville house via quitclaim deed is an inexpensive way of transferring the property’s legal ownership. While the level of buyer protection is the lowest, we tend to trust our buyers.

That’s because we believe that trust is the keystone of doing business.

We are one of the, let me correct my words; we are the leading home buyers in Jacksonville, Florida, and have been dealing in real estate for years.

We’d love nothing more than buying your property, irrespective of the condition it is in or the situation you are going through. We’d love to help you out.

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