The 5 Best Ways to Find Homeowners Wanting to Sell Their Properties

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Planning to purchase a new home in Jacksonville, Florida? Or maybe you have already started hunting your next dream home, yet are facing issues finding the best on and off-marketing properties? Maybe, you just want to invest?

This blog post lists out the top 5 best ways you can reach out to and contact homeowners wanting to sell their properties in Jacksonville, Florida.

Let’s get on the wagon.

The 5 Best Ways to Find Homeowners
Wanting to Sell Their Properties

Following are the 5 best ways we are about to discuss:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Contractors
  • Networking with Other Fellow Investors
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Real Estate Agents

Hunting your next dream home? A place that you can actually call home?

In that case, my first advice would be to knock a realtors’ office doors. That’s because real estate agents are the heart of the real estate market. They know all the ins and outs. They are the real experts.

If there’s anything you’d like to know about the real estate market in Jacksonville, Florida, all you need to do is contact a realtor based in Jacksonville, Florida and in no time will you be having the much-needed information at the tip of your hands.

You may describe what you imagine your dream home to be. And once you do, the realtor you hire will filter out the properties he/she has under his/her network and show you the absolute best.

Right until the closing period, the realtor will be holding your hands, helping you find your dream home in an efficient manner.

Following are the benefits of hiring a realtor:

  • Agents Know What Exactly to Look For
  • Agents Hold Extensive Market Knowledge
  • Have Professional Networks
  • Can Spot Potential Problems
  • Provide Valuable Price Guidance
  • Have Superior Out-of-the-Box Negotiating Skills
  • Have Access to Off-Market Listings
  • Are Well-Aware About the Best Marketing Tactics
  • Help Save Time & Energy

Direct Mail Marketing

Just like the name implies, direct mail marketing is all about sending targeted mails to homeowners in hopes of boosting the possibility of purchasing their properties.

With direct mail marketing, you can easily uncover off-market deals. That’s because prior to you popping up on the homeowners’ mailbox, they may already be considering selling off their properties.

So, if you propose a good deal, then they may be more than happy to revert back and share details with you.


Want to find some on and off-market deals that may boost your chances of finding your dream home?

In that case, you can reach out to contractors.

They are the ones that work directly with the homeowners. A great contractor doesn’t just work with homeowners, but also possesses outstanding soft skills, like data gathering and listening to it.

Let’s say one of the homeowners is looking forward to prepping his/her property for sale by fixing it up. In that case, he/she may hire a contractor to fix his/her home.

And if you reach out to contractors, they would love nothing more than sharing relevant pieces of information, helping you find your dream home.

This means you can reach out to homeowners way before they list their properties on the real estate market.

Networking with Other Fellow Investors

Networking with investors is one of the best ways to find a good Jacksonville home. All they need to do is tap into their network and they will have a list of hundreds of thousands of Jacksonville properties right in front of them.

Networking with investors will help you gain insight on different things like:

  • Their strategy
  • Their inventory
  • Whether they are looking forward to selling or not

Familiarizing yourself with the above-mentioned points will put you in a prime position. You can leverage this into finding properties that you may invest in or one that you can call your home.

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