The 5 Most Common Concerns While Selling a Jacksonville Home

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Okay, so you are about to sell your Jacksonville home and will be kickstarting your life’s next adventure soon.

Maybe, you are excited. Or you might even be feeling emotionally drained. Maybe, a mixed baggage of both.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

It’s okay to be confused, have a world full of questions revolving in your head and many emotions running their course.

While selling a home is in itself a tedious and time-consuming task, obviously if you are doing it the old-fashioned way, you’d be having some concerns.

Concerns like how am I supposed to move all of that stuff to my new place, what’d be the moving costs, what should be the closing date, etc.

And that’s exactly what this blog post shines light on.

Here, we will be looking at the 5 most common concerns you might have while selling your Jacksonville home.

Let’s get straight into it.

5 Most Common Concerns While Selling Your Jacksonville Home

Here, we’ll be covering:

  • Packing & Moving Stuff
  • Moving Costs
  • Timeline
  • Closing Costs
  • Dealing with the Kids

Let’s look at each of these, one-by-one.

Packing & Moving Stuff

While selling your home, it’s pretty important to lay out your terms in front of the buyer. Terms like, when you will be shifting, how many days will you need to pack after the closing date, etc.

That’s because packing all of that stuff that’s been in your house for years will be hard.

You’ll be required to organize the items based on the room use, common functions, and different other factors.

Also, if you plan to do it all by yourself, you will be required to purchase new boxes, hire a truck and get everything together.

A good solution here is to hire a “Movers & Packers” company in Jacksonville that will help you not just with the packing, but will also love moving your stuff to your new house.

Apart from this, here’s one of the most useful checklists I found online that’ll guide you throughout the entire process.

Infographic showing how to pack room by room
Infographic showing how to pack room by room

Moving Costs

Depends! If you plan to move locally within Jacksonville itself, then you won’t have to worry about those hefty costs.

However, if you plan to move to New York or California or someplace else outside Jacksonville, then the moving costs will be sky-high.

Calculate your moving costs with this Moving Cost Calculator.


Also, depends!

Depending on how much time it’ll take to pack all your stuff and load it into the moving truck and how many miles your destination is, the moving timeline will vary.

If it’s locally within Jacksonville, then it may not take more than a day.

But, if you plan to head over to New York, California or any other state, then it may take more time.

Some factors that may affect the timeline are:

  • Weather conditions
  • Number of boxes
  • Assembly/disassembly required
  • Size of the elevator
  • Miles
  • Moving truck accessibility
  • Moving truck availability
  • How long you have before you got to move
  • Lose, unpacked items
  • Number of furniture pieces

And many more!

Closing Costs

In Florida, sellers are expected to pay anywhere between 1 and 3% of the overall sales prices as closing costs.

This includes property taxes, title and recording fees, loan payoff costs, etc.

Also, you may have to pay additional 6% of the total sales price as real estate commissions.

Dealing with the Kids

Got kids? While moving your house, trust me, it won’t be easy for them.

The reason? They have been living in the house for years and they might be emotionally attached.

So, they may feel like not moving into the new home and leaving their old one.

Hence, throughout the home-selling process, it’s important to keep them in the loop and respect their opinions.

Also, if you plan to move all by yourself, you may have to keep yourself prepared about the questions they may end up have for you.

Involve them in the packing process, because if you don’t, they may end up feeling left out, which isn’t a good thing.


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