The Top Things We’ll Look at When Inspecting Your Jacksonville Property

Sellers, Here's How You Prepare For Your Home Inspection

Planning to sell your Jacksonville home? We’d love to buy it as-is.

Our experts at BuyingJaxHomes have been working day and night continuously to deliver the best possible experience to home-owners and real estate investors out there.

Not only do we offer the best price in all of Jacksonville, but our track-record of delivering an outstanding customer experience is amazing.

So, how does it work?

Well, first of all, once you contact us, our experts will head over to your property for inspection.

They’ll take numerous things under consideration while analysing your Jacksonville property.

Once they do, they’ll head over to the office and work on the pricing.

Numerous factors and things will be taken into consideration during this process. Our experts will go through every single thing they have right in front of them, plus the assessment results, and determine the offer price accordingly.

And once we do, we’ll immediately get in touch with you and share our offer price.

If you choose to accept, we’d love nothing more than proceeding forward with our deal.

And the best thing? We’ll be buying your home just as-is.

So, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your house or staging it, just to impress us.


It’s never been simpler.

However, while determining the offer price, the things we’ll be taking into consideration include:

  • HVAC Unit: We’d like to know if the HVAC unit is working perfectly fine or if there’s any issue with it.
  • Roof: We’ll check for roof leaks, poor installation, moss, blistering, critters or other problems.
  • Plumbing: We’ll analyse problems like faulty faucets, toilet issues, leaking pipes, whether hot water line is working, sewer problems and more.
  • Bathroom: We’d look at faucet leaks, silent leaks, broken toilet handles, running toilet, toilet clogs, drain clogs, water temperature problems and much more.
  • Kitchen: Problems like foul odor and sink blockage, greasy surfaces, poor ventilation, damaged cabinets, lack of storage, cluttered space and various others will be analysed.
  • Foundation: We’ll look for possible foundation problems like foundation cracks, foundation upheaval, sagging or uneven floors, foundation setting or sinking, etc.
  • Septic Tank (If there’s one): If there’s a septic tank, our experts will look for problems like gurgling sounds in the plumbing system, slow drainage of sinks, showers and bathtubs, bad odors around the septic tank and other problems.
  • Flooring: Flooring problems like wear and tear, pet stains, sun fading, buckling boards, cupped edges, peeling finish, crowning edges will be looked at, if there are any.
  • Paint: Blistering, chalking, yellowing, peeling or various other paint problems will be analysed.

Based on the above-mentioned factors, our experts will review your house and share an offer price.

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And trust me, it’ll be the highest that you’ll get in all of Jacksonville.

That’s because we are always focused on delivering the best possible experience to our awesome clients like you.

And if you are planning to sell your Jacksonville home, we’d love to purchase from you.

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