Top Benefits of Selling Your Jacksonville Home to a Local Real Estate Investor

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One of our recent clients, Matthew, expressed his frustration over the traditional home-selling process. We recorded his statement, and here’s what he had to say:

“Okay! I’ll be downright honest with you. I have always hated the tedious and time-consuming traditional home selling process. It’s undoubtedly one of the worse phases of my life. Right from hiring the right real estate agent who suits my needs to those time-consuming open houses to the highly-complicated closing process, I find myself lost. I want the process to go much smoother. And that’s why I prefer selling my home to a local real estate investor like BuyingJaxHomes. These folks make the process so much easier. Right from the moment you reach out to them, they will be guiding you throughout the entire process.”

Selling a house to local real estate investors isn’t uncommon. These days, the number of people reaching out to Jacksonville investors for selling their home has exponentially increased.

With Covid-19 currently haunting our planet, there’s been a huge impact on the real estate sector, which might make the traditional home selling process even more difficult right now.

So, if you have made the decision to sell your Jacksonville home and are afraid of going through that long-lasting traditional home selling process, you can always reach out to the well-reputed local investors who’d love nothing more than sending you a fair all-cash offer for your home.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of selling your Jacksonville home to a local real estate investor.

Top Benefits of Selling Your Jacksonville
Home to a Local Real Estate Investor

Here are the benefits:

  • Minimal Prep Work
  • Sell As-Is
  • Quicker Closing
  • No Financial Delays

Minimal Prep Work

Okay, what’s most exciting about selling your home to a local investor is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of scheduling open houses, staging your home, and carrying out unnecessary repairs or modifications.

Not only is it time-consuming, but it will even put a hole in your pocket.

So now you don’t have to waste your Saturday or Sunday morning on open houses. All you need to do is get in touch with a local investor, grab your favorite beverage, sit back and relax until you hear from them.


To impress potential buyers, you have to take care of even the slightest of things.

Peeling off paint walls! Broken windows or doorknobs! Pipe burst!

Such kinds of problems need to be fixed way before you are ready to show your home to your potential buyers.

In some cases, maybe you won’t have the top dollar to carry out the necessary repairs or replacements. The end result? You’ll have to wait for months before you manage to save the money for these repairs, followed by waiting for some more months before your house gets sold.

However, while selling your home to real estate investors, you are in for a treat.

It’s a cakewalk.

Such kinds of issues won’t affect them. In addition to this, they won’t be sending you a lowball offer due to such problems.

Instead, they will be sending you an all-cash offer, which you won’t be able to refuse.

Quicker Closing

According to TheBalance, “Selling your home via traditional home selling process takes anywhere between, on an average, 65-93 days.”

If it goes beyond that, then it might end up taking forever.

If you already have a buyer, but he/she needs a mortgage, it might take you a minimum of 60 days to be done with the entire process.

But that’s not what you’ll be subject to selling your Jacksonville home to local real estate investors.

As soon as they analyze your property, they’ll be sending you an all-cash offer within some days. And in a few days, you’ll be done with the entire process without even going through any hassle.

No Financial Delays

Did you know that nearly 86% of the home buyers financed their recent home purchase?

Financing issues are one of the leading causes resulting in settlement delays.

It takes at least 45 days to close a purchase loan. That’s the case when everything is going perfectly fine, and things are on track.

But what if they are not? In that case, it might end up taking forever.

Whereas, real estate investors are used to paying cash for their purchases. So, you can expect the closing process to take only a handful of days. This will put any financial delays out-of-the-equation.


Selling your Jacksonville home to real estate investors is brilliant.

You’d love every inch of it.

But, while selling your home to real estate investors, you should ensure that the one you are dealing with is 100% legitimate.

Just like us! We have a brilliant online presence, an outstanding rating on Better Business Bureau, and a long list of our satisfied clients who fell in love with our services.

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