Top Tips to Get the Highest Value for Your Jacksonville Home While Listing with a Realtor

How to Get Ready for an Agent to List Your Home for Sale

Zillow reports most homes to sit on the local real estate market for a period of 25 days post-listing. Once the offer is accepted, it takes anywhere between 30-45 days before the seller can officially tag his/her property as ‘sold.’

But did you know that some real estate properties, especially the ones with poor listings, end up staying on the real estate market for months? In some cases, these properties don’t get sold at all.

That’s the reason it’s crucial for the home-sellers to heavily focus on their real estate listings.

That’s what this blog post revolves around.

Here, we’ll be discussing our personalized top 5 tips that you should implement to get the highest value for your Jacksonville Home while listing your home with a realtor.

5 Listing Tips to Get Your Jacksonville Home Noticed in the Market

Following are the tips we’ll be discussing:

  • Good SEO Practices are a Must
  • Upload Top-Quality Pictures
  • Price Your Home Right
  • Come Up with Top-Notch Highly-Detailed Description
  • Share Your Listings on Social Media Platforms

Good SEO Practices are a Must

In today’s digital world, it’s way more important for anyone and everyone to harness the power of SEO to boost their marketing efforts and reach their goal.

And selling your home is no different.

If you want your listing to get noticed in the online world by a huge chunk of your potential customers, then my advice would be to carry out thorough keywords research. You can use these keywords to better optimize your listing.

Find both long-tail and short-tail phrases that will help you boost your SEO efforts.

For instance, if you are selling your home in Jacksonville, then you can come up with something like:

“Beautiful Homes in Jacksonville Up for Sale”

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and then will you be able to figure out what exactly they are looking for.

Upload Top-Quality Pictures

Majority of people who view your property online won’t be visiting your property. Let’s admit it – they already have a world full of options right in front of them.

So, here’s the question:

“Why should they shortlist your home?”

In order for your home to get shortlisted, you should make sure that your listing is crowded with mind-blowing pictures of your property showcasing every single room, living room, kitchen. Also, upload pictures of backyard pool or clean lawn, if there are any.

This will help you catch your buyer’s attention.

Price Your Home Right

As you are planning to work with a realtor, he/she might already know all about Jacksonville’s real estate market. He/she will tell you more about the prices of home like yours in Jacksonville.

And based on that, you can finalize your home price.

Setting higher expectations in terms of pricing may result in your home sitting in the real estate market for months, maybe years.

And that’s not what we want, right?

Hence, while pricing your home, it’s really important to consult with your realtor and ask for his/her advice.

Come Up with Top-Notch Highly-Detailed Description

Your potential homebuyers will be very interested in knowing more about your home. That’s why you should make sure that you are writing a highly-detailed description for your house.

Harness the power of ‘Power Words’ to catch your potential buyer’s attention.

Remember Step I, where we discussed how important it is to research relevant SEO keywords?

Now’s the time to implement them naturally in your content.

This will help you ensure that your content is SEO-friendly, ensuring that you are able to reach out to a maximum number of your potential buyers.

Share Your Listings on Social Media Platforms

For those who don’t realize the power of social media platforms, here’s a spoiler alert:

Facebook is a platform with 2.5 billion active users. Most people, these days, use social media platforms, for one purpose or another. And they spend more than 2 hours each day scrolling their social media feeds, interacting with their favorite businesses and chatting with their loved ones.

Now, imagine reaching out to your audience on these platforms. Sharing your listing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. will help you attract a higher number of your potential buyers.


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To get the highest value for your Jacksonville home, it’s crucial to create a highly-attractive listing that’ll make your audience go wow and make them want to visit your house to have a look.

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