Top Tips You Should Consider While Selling Your Home During a Divorce in Jacksonville

Going through a divorce?

Three Tips When Selling a Home During a Divorce | Berkshire ...

Your mind might be flooded with extreme emotions.

Selling your home might be the last thing you both would want.

But trust me when we tell you, it’s important.

According to Jordan Bennett, one of the best real estate agents in CA, during a divorce, usually one or both of the spouses show the desire of keeping the home.

But that doesn’t happen always.

What if you both are looking forward to selling the home?

In that case, chances are that you might be getting in touch with a real estate agent in your area, consulting with your individual attorneys and in the end, listing it on the local real estate market.

But, the most important thing that often both the parties fail to understand is that before the sale can take place, they need to pay off the mortgage, brokers’ fees, any second mortgage or equity line.

In addition, you might even have to take care of capital gain tax.

There’s so much that you’ll have to take care of.

And that’s exactly what we will be taking a look at here.

In this blog post, we will be discussing top tips you should consider while selling your home during a divorce in Jacksonville.

Let’s begin.

Top Tips You Should Consider While Selling a Home During Divorce in Jacksonville

Listed below are the points we’ll be discussing:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Discuss details with your attorney
  • Don’t be married to your house
  • Hire a stager
  • Make different copies of every single piece of document

Take care of yourself

First thing’s first.

You might already be dealing with a lot.

Going through all the emotional turmoil, anger, doubts, court dates, trip to attorney’s office, self-care is a must.

You’ll have to gather your strength.

In addition, you need to make yourself believe that the best days are waiting for you ahead.

Discuss details with your attorney

Now, once you have gathered all your strength and are looking forward to deal with your house, it’s time to discuss details with your attorney. In most cases, your attorney might already know much about the entire process and would provide you advice on what you should do.

Whether it’s having to take care of the existing mortgage or any pending bills, it’s advisable to head over to your attorney’s office and start discussing details.

If your attorney isn’t much familiar with the entire process, feel free to reach out to a real estate professional who can collaborate with your attorney to help you throughout the process.

We, at BuyingJaxHomes, have bought homes from dozens of divorced couples in Jacksonville. We’ve taken care of all the formalities and given them top-notch advice.

Feel free to reach out to us, so that we can get started with helping you.

Don’t be married to your house

You would have spent your happy moments in your home. Sometimes, you might have been sad.

It’s no secret that you would be emotionally attached to your house.

And the most important thing you need to keep in mind is to not be married to your house.

Thinking emotionally will not take you anywhere. You’ll be required to make bold decisions. And the only way to do that is emotionally detaching yourself from your home.

And if you aren’t able to do that, you may reach out to a close friend or a family member to assist you throughout the process.

Hire a stager

According to Laurel Starks, real estate and divorce expert, “It’s pretty important to hire a stager. I’ve seen deferred maintenance in a divorced home dozens of times. And neither of the spouse has the energy or the will to fix such things, all by themselves.”

Most of the times, both of the parties try to get their hands on every penny they can out of the house. And that’s the reason you shouldn’t ever put the house on the local real estate market if it’s not staged and is at it’s best.

That’ll help you boost the probability of it getting sold for a much higher price.

Make different copies of every single piece of document

Before you go throughout the entire process, it’s essential to keep yourself prepared.

Hence, make copies of all the bank financial statements, tax returns, mortgage papers and every other important piece of document you can get your hands of and think of.

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Couples often find themselves stuck during this process.

And we’ve turned the entire process smooth for dozens of divorced couples up until now in Jacksonville.

We’ve been buying houses in Jacksonville for years.

And we, at BuyingJaxHomes, would love to help you out.

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