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Our aim at BuyingJaxHOmes is to help home-sellers purchase their Jacksonville properties with ease. And in return, we send their way the highest cash-offer in town.

And if you want to sell your Jacksonville home or land or maybe any other real estate property you own, all you need to do is reach out experts at BuyingJaxHomes and we’ll be at your assistance in no time.

But before you hit the submit button, if you are wondering whether the property you own is something what will intrigue us, we’ve prepared a list of all the properties we buy.

Let’s have a look.

The Different Property Types We Purchase for Cash

Single-Family House

A single-family home is a classic example of a home owned by a single family. Probably, you are living in it all by your own. Or maybe you did rent it out and now are looking forward to selling it. So, if you own a single-family home, we’d love nothing more than sending an all-cash offer your way.

Detached House

This kind of home is common in European countries like the United Kingdom or Holland. However, if you own a detached home in Jacksonville, Florida, you’ve got our attention. A detached home is a property equalling a half-house size. A single home is cut in half. It comprises of 2 halves, and both are mirror parts of each other.

So, own a detached house? Reach out to us straight away.


It’s a classic residential house or apartment example comprising of numerous apartments or different floors. So, if you own a condominium, submit our form attached below today.


Townhouse is typical in different countries, featuring long house rows glued together. So, if you own a townhouse, nothing else would peak our interest more.


Similar to a condominium, here, you just own the apartment along with other people. So, if you own an apartment and would like to sell it, feel free to reach out to our experts at BuyingJaxHomes.

Country House/ Farm Houses

Many people dream of owning a farm house. And before we got into real estate, we did as well. But, now with us dealing in properties all day, we simply have fallen in love with the idea of a country house/ farm houses.

So, if you own a farm house, we’d love buying it for cash.


Here’s what we believe:

“Buy land. They ain’t making any more of that stuff.”
– Will Rogers

While a land is one of the most profitable real estate investments, if you are planning to sell the piece(s) of land you own, we’d love buying it.

Contact us today.

Industrial Properties

Own an industrial building outside of Jacksonville, Florida and would like to sell it out? Don’t worry, we purchase industrial properties as well.


Want to sell your office? Reach out to us straight away. We’d love nothing more than dealing in offices.

Whether it’s a CLASS A, CLASS B or CLASS C Office, we’d love purchasing it.

Multi-Family Home

We purchase multi-family homes as well. So, if you own any multi-family home, feel free to reach out to us straight away.



We love buying real estate. In fact, we are crazy about real estate. So, if you own a property or land or any other real estate asset, we’d love to send an all-cash offer your way.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today!

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