What’ll Happen to Your Jacksonville Home After We Buy It from You? 3 Ways in Which We Invest in Properties

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You might have lived in your Jacksonville home for years. Undoubtedly, you’d be emotionally attached.

But, now, after years of living in the same house, unfortunately, you have to sell it. There might be countless reasons behind your decision.

By the time you are done dealing with our experts at BuyingJaxHomes and selling it to us, you will be in awe. You’d have loved the entire process from tooth to nail.

After having your home sold to us, you might be concerned about your house. You might be worried what actually will happen to it.

Dozens of our past clients have showed their concerns by asking us:

“What are you folks gonna do with
my home after I have sold it to you?”

In this blog post, we’d like to shine light on what will actually happen to your house after you’ve sold it to us.

3 Ways We, at BuyingJaxHomes, Invest in Properties

Our business model is simple and straightforward.

We invest in real estate properties in Jacksonville, Florida.

Note: Our operations aren’t just limited to residential homes. We invest in other forms of real estate properties like land, commercial real estate, etc.

Once we, both the parties, are done with the home-selling process, we’d be:

  • Renting it Out to Tenants
  • Flipping it
  • Wholesaling

Renting it Out to Tenants

It’s the most obvious reason why real estate investors buy investment properties.

Once we have bought your Jacksonville home, we’ll be renting it out to tenants, which will help you build wealth and generate income.

Being a landlord isn’t a piece of cake.

It’s so much hard to deal with tenants, conduct the screening process, verify the details and ensure that they are paying their rents on time.

That’s the reason we have hired a dedicated team for this purpose.

As we all know, real estate is one of the best forms of investments till date.

And the thing about investing in real estate is that when it comes to long-term, investing in real estate is definitely beneficial.

Over the course of the next few years, we’ll be seeing the real estate market booming, leading to the prices of Jacksonville homes increasing exponentially.

Along with the monthly rental income, we’ll be selling your home in the near future, obviously when the market is booming, for a profit.

Flipping It

We buy homes from home-sellers just as-is.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll keep it that way.

Once we have successfully bought it from you, we will be making the necessary repairs and replacements, which will in-turn increases its market value. Now, after we are done with the repairs, modifications and replacement, we’ll be quickly selling it for a higher profit.

Home flipping is one of the most popular real estate investment models and when done right, you can earn a great deal of money.

But beware, I’ve seen most real estate investors, due to lack of knowledge and expertise, flip homes the wrong way only to end up losing all of their money.

There’s so much risk involved with flipping, but over the course of the past few years, we have mastered the art of flipping and know all the ins and outs.


The word “Wholesaling,” in general implies (in terms of retail) the sale of bulk goods to a retailer at a lower price. Once the retailer receives the items, he/she repackages them and sells them to their respective consumers for a higher price.

That’s what wholesaling is right?

But, in terms of real estate, wholesaling doesn’t imply a wholesaler selling multiple properties to other party at once. Instead, here, a wholesaler, in our case it’s us, will contract your Jacksonville home, shop it around to potential buyers and finally assign a contract to one of them.

This means we’ll be contracting your Jacksonville home with a buyer at a higher price than with you, and put the profit money in our pockets.

But, in our case, we usually love to buy homes ahead of time, and use this approach very rarely.

Your Jacksonville Home, Our Responsibility

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We know what your home means to you.

With us, you won’t get the vibes of dealing with some corporate-guys who care about nothing but the money.

Instead, we love having human-to-human conversations and trust me, if you want to pour it all out, anything literally anything like how emotionally attached you are to your home, your special moments, time you had with your family, our experts will grab you a cup of coffee and will be all-ears.

So, what are you waiting for?

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