Who Owns BuyingJaxHomes? Learn About the Faces Behind the Company

With an amazing track record and a highly-satisfying customer satisfaction rate, our experts at BuyingJaxHomes have been winning the hearts of homeowners in Jacksonville for quite some time.

We are here to make a difference.

All our lives, we have homeowners find themselves in tough situations and end up not being able to get out of it, just because they weren’t able to sell their home.

That’s exactly why we ended up launching our firm, i.e. BuyingJaxHomes.

If you have been tuning to our blogs or have dealt with us, you might already know how calm and professional we actually are.

Right from tooth to nail, we’ll be reviewing your problems, maybe even sit down with you and grab a drink and buy your Jacksonville home for a fair all-cash price.

But who exactly are we? If you have seen the faces behind our company, you are in for a treat.

We are about to reveal them right in front of you.

Faces Behind BuyingJaxHomes

Meet our experts -> Nick & Nate.

They are one of the best tag teams to ever exist and hands-down the most professional guys ever.

They have been offering their value-adding services in the real estate industry for quite some time.

One of the reasons they love buying Jacksonville houses is because they themselves, at one point, have had to go through the tedious traditional home selling process, all by themselves.

By the end of it, they were emotionally and physically drained.

And that’s when the idea of launching BuyingJaxHomes hit their mind.

First of all, let’s meet Nathan Claire.

Nathan Claire, a.k.a. Nate, is a licensed Florida Realtor and a well-reputed Cash Home Buyer & House Flipper in Jacksonville, Florida.

The founder of BuyingJaxHomes has years of experience buying and renovating houses and selling them for higher profits. Personally, he loves traveling and spending time with his family. 

If you meet him at a nearby Jacksonville club, he’ll be kind enough to offer you a drink.

And the thing is, he’s not a suit-and-tie kinda guy. Personally, he’s not a fan of such people. That’s because they are in it just for the money. They don’t want to create a fake-online image. Instead, he and Nick want to appear as well-reputed by winning the hearts of Jacksonville homeowners. Right from the get-go, he’s hardworking, honest, fair, and reliable.

Get in touch with him, and he’ll love nothing more than helping you out.

The next in our list, Nicholas Alexis

Nicholas Alexis, a.k.a. Nick is the CEO of Buying Jax Homes and is just like Nate, a cash-homebuyer and a well-reputed house flipper.

He lives in Jacksonville with his beautiful wife and enjoys spending his time with her and their three sons and a daughter.

He loves being outdoors, exploring the beauty of Mother Earth, and working out. Plus, he’s a huge fan of traveling. He loves going to places. Professionally, he works hard towards bringing old houses back to life.

He’s been an entrepreneur for almost a decade, almost all his professional life. He knows how to meet the needs of the people and address their pain points. He’s been involved in real estate transactions since 2017. And believe me, I’ve seen it myself; he’s really passionate about helping people make the best decisions about their Jacksonville properties.

He even works with the title companies, interacting with awesome sellers like you, reviewing their problems, and meeting them in person.

Craig Brandt (Acquisitions Manager)

Meet Craig Brandt, the guy who’s not just dashing, but also in charge of customer relations management.

He’s responsible for making sure that everyone stays in the loop and in constant communication.

When we say “Welcome to the BuyingJaxHomes Family,” we don’t just say it for the sake of it. Instead, we mean it.

And that’s what Craig takes care of.

Hillary Gonzales (Social Media Management)

Okay, let’s meet this beautiful lady Hillary.

She handles all of our social media channels and brings awesome content to you on a regular basis.

Plus, if you hit us up on our social media channels, it will be this beautiful lady who’ll be responding.

Isn’t she amazing?

Mark Portugal (Marketing Management)

Our marketing management guy, Mark Portugal, handles the cold calling marketing team. And the thing is, he loves interacting with new people.

He’s not just an amazing talker, but also a great manager.

He ensures that the callers are communicating the right way.

Once done, he gathers all the information necessary to conduct operations.

Samantha Zeta (KPIs)

In-charge of tracking plus recording our Key Performance Indicators, Samantha Zeta looks for stats like contacts, leads, dials, and so much more.

She’s the powerhouse of BuyingJaxHomes.

Her responsibilities also include helping us track and expand our business with her outstanding skills.

That’s Our Team

And now you have it. We’ve revealed the faces of our company in front of you.

That’s how much we love you.

If you are a Jacksonville homeowner wanting to sell your home, don’t wait around and get in touch with our team TODAY!

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