Selling Your Jacksonville House Via “Short Sale” to BuyingJaxHomes

Owe more on your Jacksonville home than what it’s truly worth? Then, you might be considering selling your house via “Short Sale.” But before we begin, I’d like to tell you that if you decide to sell your home without any real estate professional by your side and via the traditional home-selling process, then you’d … Continued

selling jacksonville home to investors

Top Benefits of Selling Your Jacksonville Home to a Local Real Estate Investor

One of our recent clients, Matthew, expressed his frustration over the traditional home-selling process. We recorded his statement, and here’s what he had to say: “Okay! I’ll be downright honest with you. I have always hated the tedious and time-consuming traditional home selling process. It’s undoubtedly one of the worse phases of my life. Right … Continued

The Standard Costs of Selling Your House in Jacksonville, Florida

The Standard Costs of Selling Your House in Jacksonville, Florida

If you plan to sell your house in Jacksonville, you might be wondering what to expect in terms of the closing costs. Closing costs are the fees that you’ll have to pay while selling your Jacksonville home. These costs are calculated by taking into consideration various things like property taxes, title and recording fees, loan … Continued

Jacksonville, Florida Housing Market Update

Jacksonville, Florida Housing Market Update

Our world is going through a pandemic. It’s been a rough few months, and there’s no single person on this planet who hasn’t been affected by Covid-19. I know you have, as well. But in the end, we’ll defeat this enemy, just like we always do. Back when the pandemic began, government officials worldwide imposed … Continued

Your Go-To House Maintenance Checklist

Here’s Your Go-To House Maintenance Checklist

Keeping your Jacksonville home neat and tidy must be at the top of your priority list. Afterall, it’s the key to a safe and healthy home environment, helping you live a happy and healthy life with your family. Alongside this, home maintenance is equally important. Carrying out frequent repairs and maintaining your house will help … Continued

Selling Your Jacksonville Home Fast to BuyingJaxHomes How It Works

Selling Your Jacksonville Home Fast to BuyingJaxHomes: How It Works

Want to sell your Jacksonville home quick and easy? It’s time, our experts at BuyingJaxHomes helped you out. You might be looking forward to receiving the best offer in town. In addition, you might not want to deal with the complications that come with selling a home through the traditional home-selling process. Plus, what if … Continued

Sell Your Jacksonville Home With Squatters

How to Sell Your Jacksonville Home with Squatters?

Frustrated of squatters? You are not alone. According to a recent UN estimate, nearly 10% of the world’s population, i.e. 800-900 million people are squatters. It’s a problem widely faced by people in Jacksonville. People in Jacksonville have been dealing with squatters for decades. Let’s take a look at a Jacksonville couple’s story, who was … Continued

The Actual Cost of Renovating a House in Jacksonville, Florida

The Actual Cost of Renovating a House in Jacksonville, Florida

With Covid-19 spreading at such a rapid rate, most of us have been staying inside our homes for months to curb the spread of virus. During that time, chances are that the thought of renovating your house might have crossed your mind. Now that some of the restrictions have been lifted off, you can actually … Continued


Can I Sell My Home with Code Violations in Jacksonville, Florida?

Looking forward to selling your Jacksonville home with code violations? For starters, let me tell you that it might feel a bit overwhelming. But trust me, you will definitely get a fair price for your Jacksonville home with code violations if you take a proactive approach. Here’s a list of questions that might pop up … Continued